If you are planning a wine tour to Walla Walla, your experience won’t be the same without taking a tour with “Telsa Jim”. Not only will you enjoy the experience in utter luxury riding in a Model X, you get VIP treatment with Jim. His knowledge of the local vineyards and their wines is first rate, and because of his connections with the locals you are treated as a friend when you arrive. And when you are finished with your tour, you will have gained a great friend. Jim is truly awesome.
— Jeff B
Jim isn’t your average driver. He goes above and beyond for his customers and gives you a truly unique experience.
— Brooke F.
Tesla, how I love thee and your crazy awesome doors that make me feel oh so A-list. Walla Walla’s newest wine tour operator should be your one stop shop when researching for transportation on wine tasting day because a Tesla Model X 90D is the only thing you should be backseat driving in.
— Lesley Murphy, travel blogger, theroadlestraveled.com
The best way to get around town while you sip and spit is to book a tour with Tesla Winery Tours. They are super knowledgeable about the area and really fun to hang out with all day. They will leave no stone unturned in making sure you have the very best visit possible.
— Alister & Paine, The Digital Magazine For 21st Century Executives
Best thing we could’ve ever done! They are AMAZING! Just let them pick the wineries. They know their stuff. Coming back soon!
— Jessica M
Jim is wonderful and his wine tour is great for a special occasion. We have now been on two tours with him over the past year and will definitely be back.
— Michael S
Everything about the tour was amazing! The car is so fun, comfortable and green! Highly recommended for a fun day!
— Kylie S.
Super charged experience! We loved our tour in the Tesla X! Can’t wait to bring friends & family to experience this. Tesla Winery Tours is superb! Don’t miss it!
— Frank M.
I’d have to say this is hands down 100 times better than any wine tours in California or elsewhere. Great guy. Very reasonable prices.
— Phil D.
Jim and Tesla Winery Tours are top notch. The car is amazing and Jim is a true Walla Walla treat. He’s courteous, punctual and more than happy to accommodate any request. And he has insider knowledge and connections that make the tour over the top. We loved our day with him so much, we booked him again the following day.
— Dale D.